About Beautiful Mind

Are you about to give up because of bullying, stigmatization, discrimination and judgemental attitudes towards you or somebody you know? Beautiful Mind is a Registered Charity committed to fighting stigmatization and providing hope to all, without judging.

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What We Do
One-to-One Counselling

We offer a safe environment for service users to discuss issues they may be facing with a trained counselor. These therapeutic sessions are focused on the individual's well-being. 

Drama and Weekly Talk Show

We run a monthly drama session and a weekly reality talk show where we discuss real-life issues using the guest's experiences.

Events and Seminars

We organize seminars, workshops, conferences and live social media interaction. We also organise training sessions for individual development.

Fighting Stigma, Spreading hope through Love

Upcoming Programs
May, 2019
Book Launch
On-going Projects
Community Aid
February 2021

"Beautiful Mind is such a good and open-hearted organisation that was happy to discuss any issues I had. 

Anthony Gabriel

"They are always on the look out for the positives in life. I couldn't be more happy with my experience"

Jackie Phillips

About Beautiful Mind

We are a Registered Charity committed to fighting negative attitudes, beliefs and orientation.

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