Why He is Back to His Old Habits.

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

I knew what I was getting involved in when I accepted Tito’s marriage proposal. I didn’t hear about his past from a third party, he was honest enough to tell me about his travails brought about by the breakdown of law and other in his country of birth. Tito lost everything bare his life in the war; he became depressed and was heavily into alcohol and gambling.

I met him in the UK, and by that time he was a perfect gentleman who was doing everything possible to banish the ghost of the past. Do you honestly think that I would agree to marry him if he was still addicted to alcohol and gambling? I know some women marry with the hope of changing what they dislike in their husband but is it honestly possible to change one’s spouse? I will want you to think deeply before answering that question.

People say old habits die hard, and I believe that, but I was still surprised when I found out that Tito, my husband, has gone back to gambling. He covered it up for a long time by fooling me that he was investing in some business. I became suspicious when things started disappearing in the house. The last one that broke the camel’s back was when the jewellery he bought for me on our 5th wedding anniversary disappeared. I managed to get the confession out of him; my husband has gone back to gambling.

A part of me agrees that he doesn’t deserve me because he had betrayed my trust. The other part says it is all my fault, I must have done something wrong that pushed him back to his old ways. Beautiful Mind, could you please publish my story. Am I the reason why he went back to gambling? I urgently need advice.

Q1. What do gamblers have to gain/loss?

Q2. Who is responsible for the habits of an addict

Q3. Is God against gambling?

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