About Beautiful Mind
A Background

FIGHTING STIGMA, SPREADING HOPE Beautiful Mind is a registered charity in England and Wales with the objective of promoting social inclusion and confidence building. We believe that everyone deserves respect in the society irrespective of their past, disability, illness, race, education, religion, sex and sexual orientation. Often times people have been judged and condemned simply because they have not measured up to standards set by others. This is very common among the Black Minority Ethnic group. We work with this group to educate and sensitive on the benefit of correcting in love, discourage stigmatization and judgemental attitudes and the need to have a beautiful mind towards others. There is also an opportunity for one to one counselling.


The team recognizes that the human brain is able to relate more to people’s experience and live stage dramas. These tools are effectively put into use during our meetings with our service users. We have evidence to show that these are effectively changing the way the people in the community relate to one other. We also organise media training in the area of radio production, presenting, photography, videography, scriptwriting to provide job/volunteering opportunities and to promote team spirit of service users so that they can be employable. Our weekly radio show is educative, interactive and soul lifting. It is a platform where we talk about issues that the BME consider as taboo and are not normally discussed publicly.


The aim is to let people know that they are not alone, that they do not need to suffer in silence when help is readily available. This programme comes up every Wednesday from 5 - 6:30 pm UK time on Peace and Joy radio (Find us on TuneIn radio app). We also broadcast live on our Youtube and Facebook page.

What We Do
Life Skills

Our life coaching sessions/classes help our clients in self-awareness, communication and creativity.  We focus on the discovery and development of talents, social and employable skills in other to help them stand on their own.

 Counselling Services

Service users will be in a safe environment where they can discuss and analyze any issues they may have with a trained counselor. This therapeutic session is focused on the individual's well-being, which i s whatever the individual requires at that moment

Confidence Building

We help our clients to stand up for themselves, feel comfortable in their own skin, help with public speaking, having more positive attitude towards life, reaching their personal potentials in other to reduce isolation.

Drama and Weekly Talk Show

We run a monthly drama session and a weekly reality talk show where we discuss real-life issues using the guest's experiences. These programs are to provide opportunities for self-confidence  building, promote social inclusion and skill development which can help participants get back to employment or become entrepreneurs

Events and Seminars

We organize seminars, workshops, conferences and live social media interaction. We also organise training sessions for individual development. Our events and seminars provide a platform for societies and groups to discuss and proffer solutions to issues around stigmatization, rejection, discrimination, bullying, abuse and other issues which may lead to social exclusion and even mental illness.

About Beautiful Mind

We are a Registered Charity committed to fighting negative attitudes, beliefs and orientation.

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